Spaces for engagement: using knowledge to improve public decisions.
A joint initiative by GDNet and CIPPEC

The programme "Spaces for Engagement: using knowledge to improve public decisions" is a six-year joint initiative by Global Development Network's GDNet's programme and the Center for the Implementation of Public Polices promoting Equity and Growth (CIPPEC).

Starting in 2008, the project encompasses six years of intense work aimed at creating diverse spaces of engagement with the participation of researchers from policy research institutions (PRIs) that conduct and use research to influence policy, policymakers, and/or decision making processes. For that purpose, it sought to work with a Community of Practice (CoP) composed by select researchers from think tanks, research institutes and policy makers who are strongly committed to improving the use of development research in policymaking in Latin America. The project also seeks to promote South-South cooperation by linking research and policy among Latin America, Asia and Africa.

Knowledge production

Research and evidence can significantly inform public policy. Encouraging the production and communication of research in Latin America it is possible to highlight policies and policy aspects in which policymakers should focus and also find a more effective way for civil society to work together with the public sector.

Knowledge sharing and capacity building

Creating local capacity to produce and disseminate policy oriented research is key to improving the quality and effectiveness of public policy in Latin America. A number of training and knowledge sharing activities have been developed, from face to face meetings and workshops to virtual tools to share lessons learned.
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