• South-South Cooperation between Africa and Latin America: research outputs from Ecuador

    Documents | Lessons from Ecuador

  • “What works”: five lessons from the evidence global summit

    What Works Global Summit | London

  • Waiting for the 4th Latin American Think Tank Summit: reflections from the participants at Buenos Aires

    Videos | Reflections from the 3rd Latin American Think Tanks Summit

  • “Think Tankers on the radar”: what are internships at think tanks good for?

    Reflections | Federico Roitman studies Political Sciences at Harvard College, USA. Between May and July 2016, he contributed with the Monitoring and Evaluation Program from CIPPEC in an impact evaluation project for a national education program. In this Occasion, he describes his experience as intern.

  • Challenges for the policy influence of civil society organizations in Eastern Europe

    Experiences | Between the months of July and August 2015, the Policy Influence, Monitoring and Evaluation Programme at CIPPEC gave a series of webinars on policy influence to a Romanian civil society organization. The webinars were transmitted via Skype and the presentations and reference material were shared via email.

  • Interview with Julia Pomares, the new executive director of CIPPEC: “Information and technical analysis must play a role in the discussion of public policy”

    Interviews| Transitions in the executive direction of think tanks

VIPPAL es una iniciativa de CIPPEC que trabaja para que las políticas públicas de América Latina se nutran de datos e información.
Somos un socio estratégico para todos los interesados en fortalecer
el vínculo entre investigación y políticas públicas.

Ofrecemos recursos de alta calidad para que investigadores e
instituciones incidan en las políticas públicas. Buscamos que la
investigación enriquezca las políticas
, las haga más efectivas y
ayude a medir su impacto.

Entrevistas | Transición en la dirección ejecutiva de think tanks.

Acercamos la investigación a la política
Apoyamos el desarrollo de capacidades clave como:
  • Planificar, monitorear y evaluar la incidencia en políticas públicas.
  • Comunicar las investigaciones.
  • Incrementar el uso de evidencia en la toma de decisiones públicas.
    A través de VIPPAL, CIPPEC brinda asistencia técnica a organizaciones de la sociedad civil, institutos de investigación y gobiernos en América Latina, África y Asia que quieren mejorar su incidencia en las políticas públicas.